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Journal Watch Reprints In
Journal Watch Reprints In Journal Watch Reprints offers physicians and allied health professionals a clear and concise overview of clinical options and current research in topic-specific areas.

Journal Watch Reprints are eight-page, quarterly clinical newsletters published by the Massachusetts Medical Society, owners and publishers of the world-renowned New England Journal of Medicine.

Drawing from across all the Journal Watch titles, Journal Watch Reprints bring together the expertise and perspectives of physician experts in a wide spectrum of practice areas.

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Benefits to sponsors:
As the sponsors of Journal Watch Reprints you will be providing a valuable tool for busy physicians who just can’t keep up with all the latest research and developments in their area of interest.
Current Reprints Available Include:
JW Reprints in HIV/AIDS
JW Reprints in Arthritis & Rheum
JW Reprints in Breast Cancer
JW Reprints in Dementia
JW Reprints in Depression & Anxiety
JW Reprints in Diabetes
JW Reprints in Gynecology
JW Reprints in Hepatitis & Hepatology
JW Reprints in Hypertension
JW Reprints in Lipid Management
JW Reprints in Respiratory Infections
JW Reprints in Stroke
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